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Tour of Meldahl Dam

In April 2019 members of the ORSWA planning committee took a tour of the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility in Augusta, Kentucky.  The dam was constructed through a joint venture between the City of Hamilton (Ohio) and American Municipal Power (AMP).  AMP, a non-profit corporation, serves as a joint action agency for a consortium of electric generating…
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Source Water Protection for the Ohio River

Safeguarding your drinking water Millions of people living in near the Ohio River are provided with safe drinking water every day. Meeting emerging challenges and ensuring a reliable supply for the future, requires vigilance and cooperation. By undertaking a collaborative approach, the Ohio River Source Water Alliance (ORSWA), helps to ensure that people‚Äôs most basic…
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Hazardous Spill in Ohio River

Authorities on Wednesday confirmed that a large amount of a liquid chemical fertilizer spilled in the Ohio River at Cincinnati, potentially threatening drinking water and aquatic life. But there was no immediate risk to drinking water in Louisville. And Louisville Water Co. spokeswoman Kelley Dearing Smith said the company was confident in its ability to…
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Ohio River Dye Study

ORSANCO recently collaborated with Greater Cincinnati Water Works and Northern Kentucky Water District to conduct a dye study in the Ohio River to help protect drinking water resources and respond to spill events The study is meant to provide valuable information and data that will enable organizations to more effectively respond to spills or other…
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